From our studio in central Victoria, we create animation, graphics, title sequences and effects for television producers, exhibit designers and interactive media producers around the world. We specialise in accurate and compelling imagery for science, nature, history and technology documentaries, museum exhibits and multimedia.

Over the past eighteen years we have built up a strong reputation for the artistry and scientific accuracy of our animations. We have worked extensively with scientists, and our animations have been featured in lectures by AI pioneer Ray Kurzweil, nanotechnology pioneers Robert Freitas, David Forrest and Ralph Merkle, laser lightcraft inventor Leik Myrabo and astronomer Alex Wolszczan.

"Build Your Own Volcano"
(The Field Museum)
Animations for a three screen interactive in the touring
 exhibit "Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters."
Exhibit opened May 2008.
"Silence of the Bees"
(PBS / Nature)
Our award-winning animated 'blueprint' of a honeybee, for the
Peabody Award winning film on Colony Collapse Disorder.
First broadcast October 2007.
"Ice Age Chicago"
(The Field Museum)
A five screen animation of an Ice Age landscape at dawn
for the permanent exhibit "The Ancient Americas."
Exhibit opened March 2007.
"The Cambrian Sea"
(The Field Museum)
A dramatic three screen animation of the Cambrian Sea
for the permanent exhibit "Evolving Planet."
Exhibit opened March 2006.
"The Madness of Henry VIII"
(National Geographic)
Animated maps for a feature-length documentary
on the court of Henry VIII.
First broadcast January 2006.
Animation of the EGFR / tyrosine-kinase inhibitor
Tarceva fighting non-small cell lung cancer.
"The French Revolution"
(History Channel)
Animated maps for a two-hour documentary
on the French Revolution.
First broadcast January 2005.
"Quest for King Arthur"
(History Channel)
Animated maps for a feature-length documentary
on Arthurian legend.
First broadcast June 2004.
"Herceptin" and "Avastin"
Animations of the molecular-level actions of cancer-fighting
monoclonal antibodies Herceptin and Avastin.
Cover art for " Nanomedicine, Volume 2A: Biocompatibility"
by Robert Freitas, published by Landes Bioscience, 2003.
(Discovery Channel)
Title sequence and logo for the quirky TV series which tests
urban legends with rough-and-ready science.
First broadcast January 2003.
"Beyond Human"
(PBS / Devillier Donegan Enterprises)
Animations for a documentary on the disappearing boundary
between humans and machines.
First broadcast May 2001.
"Destination Space"
(National Geographic Television)
Animations for a documentary on the new space race.
First broadcast June 2000.
"The Search for Alien Planets"
(The Learning Channel)
Animations for a documentary on the
discovery of extrasolar planets.
First broadcast April 2000.

"Best of the Fest" award for Scientific Visualization at the Red Stick International Animation Festival for Ancient Seas.

2010 Sci-An Award for Excellence in Scientific Animation for Ancient Seas.

2010 finalist in the National Science Foundation's International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge for Ancient Seas.

2008 International Wildlife File Festival, Merit Award for Animation, for our honeybee animation.

2002 IMM Computational Nanotechnology Prize (Simulation) for our respirocyte animation.
"The judges were very impressed with the quality of your work, the level of detail, and the fidelity
to the physics of fluid motion in the bloodstream and the biological environment of the respirocyte"
said David Forrest, President of the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing. "The operation of the respirocyte
was communicated with clarity, attention to detail, scientific accuracy, and high visual impact."

"Yum Yums (A Cautionary Tale)" (Self-produced), a fully animated short film.
"The Floating World" (Self-produced), an online game, in HTML and Flash.

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