In 2009 we produced an animated mural of the Churchill Formation (a preserved Ordovician shoreline) for the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg.
"Ancient Seas" is an eerily realistic animation of a real marine community that inhabited the sea covering the Churchill area 450 million years ago.
The three-screen panorama spans a 7.5 metre arc and plays in a seamless five-minute loop.

Photographs courtesy the Manitoba Museum.

Working with palaeontologist Graham Young, we reconstructed and animated twenty-three plants and animals from pictures
of their fossil remains. The result is the most accurate depiction of Ordovician marine life in the world.

Our long-time collaborator Jesse Stiles created the soundtrack for us, and our good friends The Elumenati designed and installed the playback system.

"Ancient Seas" was awarded a "Best of the Fest" award for Scientific Visualization at the Red Stick International Animation Festival in 2010,
a 2010 Sci-An Award for Excellence in Scientific Animation, and is a finalist in the National Science Foundation's prestigious
International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge for 2010.

Click on the image below to view a few highlights from the movie (67MB), or right click to save it to your computer.
Click here for a high-rez still image of the panorama.

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